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Copper wire/rod ScrapMin Order: 10 Metric Tons
Name Chemical Composition (%):
Copper Cu: = Bi:= Sb:= As:= Fe:= Ni:= Pb:= Sn:= S:= O:= Zn:= P:=
Scrap 99.95 0.002 0.002 0.002 0.005 0.002 0.005 0.002 0.005 0.002 0.005 0.001
Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm
Weight/spool: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 15 kg, 20kg
Tensile strength: 1000 N/mm2, 900 N/mm2, 500 N/mm2, 450 N/mm2, N/mm2




Copper Wire Rod Scrap for Sale – Buy Copper Wire Rod Scrap Online USA

Looking for the best quality copper wire rod scrap for sale? We are the best place to buy copper wire rod scrap online. Order copper wire rod scraps legally in the USA at low prices with secure shipping.

Copper wire rod scrap is commonly used for different purposes and allows for installation for various used. Copper wire rod scraps out manufacture with various weight capacities according to the customer’s wants. It is in red colors and has a purity of 99%, which is utilized for different applications. At the same time, we supply wide the diameter from 0.20mm to 0.3mm. as per the buyer’s need, we manufacture as per wish mm of copper wire rods. Our Copper Wire Rod Scrap for Sale is safer and lets you install it in significant applications easily. this product lets you use it and obtain better results. Our copper wire rod scraps out with different lengths and sizes to pick.

 What is Copper Wire Rod?

The copper rod is manufactured from the copper cathode, and it has vertical casting furnace support to use the furnace. It is out to buy in different sizes according to the customer’s needs and style. This rod enhances softness, and the good shine wears better and has excellent tear ability at all times. It is made with a suitable machine that makes it more comfortable and lets it install in a different application. Considering the reviews make ordering the copper wire rod for practical use in industries and other places more comfortable.

 Why choose us?

When you come to market, ensuring product detail and other customer reviews is essential. Our product is made with the proper process to withstand a long time. Therefore, you must buy Copper Wire Rod Scrap Online USA with a special discount and detail.

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How to use copper wire rod scrap?

At present, you come across several places where the copper wire rod makes it more comfortable. It is applicable to use for a longer time with the same performance. Even though it is costlier, it is simple and more comfortable to install at various locations. It is simple and easy to use in the house and other commercial places. This rod is of different shapes and sizes, so that you can pick it according to your need. To save on buying such a road, you must go with the Copper Wire Rod Scrap sale USA. It provides an actual product that allows everyone to use it more safely.

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Ton, 10 Tons

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    Great experience as usual on my semi-annual order.Prompt delivery.

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