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Chemical name: Isocyanic acid A – B
Type: Acid ISOCIAN
Density: 1450 g/l.
Chemical formula: HN = C = O
Rational Formula: CHNO
CAS Registration Number: 75-13-8
PubChem: 6347
EINECS Registration Number: 616-189-3
It is an isomer of fulmi…noic) acid (H-C≡N → O




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Isocyanic Acid-A-B-Caluanie is an odourless, colourless, and volatile chemical compound. It contains oxygen-nitrogen and carbon. It obtains with the help of the thermal decomposition of cyanuric acid. It must reach with the help of the carboxylic acid chlorides to create corresponding isocyanates. It provides a massive range of applications which simply order online. These solutions are molecules, one of the best on the polar end and on the non-polar end. It can use for stain removal. It helps to emulsify a compound which is not soluble. This chemical is used to remove nail polish, rubber, cement and another purpose. Customers can save a lot of money by using the Isocyanic Acid-A-B-Caluanie for Sale.

What is Isocyanic Acid-A-B-Caluanie?

Isocyanic acid is one of the chemical compounds with the proper structural formula HnCO. It often needs to write as H-N=C=O. It is a colourless and poisonous substance with boiling points of 23.5 °C. It is a tautomer of cyanic acid, the anion of isocyanic acid derived from the anion of cyanic acid. The anion is distinct from cyanate fulminate in a satisfactory manner. Isolyanic acid is the simplest stable chemical compound, with carbon elements in organic chemistry. With the help of the certified website, the user has to buy isocyanic acid-a-b-caluanie online USA with instant discounts.

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