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34.5kg Virgin Silver liquid Mercury (Min. Order)

Supply ability: 600kg per month

Product Specification:

Prime Virgin Silver liquid Mercury of 99.99% purity {Free from heavy metals}
– Virgin Mercury purity = 99.99% by wt min.
– Free from heavy metals
– Physical State: Liquid
– Packed in stainless steal flask: 34.5kg per flasks

Packaging & Delivery:
As per buyers demand

We have reliable partnership with global logistic partners.
Our Methods of Delivery :
– Air Freight
– Ocean Freights
– Express (For Small Order or Sample)




Virgin Silver Liquid Mercury for Sale – Buy Virgin Silver Liquid Mercury Online in USA

We are the most well-known and effective supplier of liquid silver mercury in well-protected steel flasks. In addition to providing extremely large quantities of liquid silver mercury, we guarantee the timely and secure delivery of the goods to your destination. Silver liquid mercury is a thick, silvery liquid typically used in a wide range of products, including thermometers, barometers, fluorescent lights, mercury switches, liquid mirror telescopes, and batteries Hg is its elemental representation. Buy Silver Liquid Mercury online from Gfs Chemical Group; silver liquid mercury costs vary.

What are the facts about Silver Liquid Mercury?

Virgin Silver liquid Mercury since the Industrial Revolution, people have been looking for things to sell. Mercury fulminate was first used as an explosive detonator in 1799.PVC was first produced in 1835. The initial synthesis uses mercury as a catalyst and results in Liquid Mercury Dealers and Virgin Silver liquid Mercury USA. Mercury and some other products are familiar to the majority. Still, when it comes to Virgin Silver liquid Mercury before buying something, it’s important to know the supplier has the right quality. Despite its wide range of applications, it can sometimes be dangerous and harmful due to its vulnerability to contact, inhalation, and use. Taking in a lot may cause serious harm and result in fatal conditions. It is the best US location for researching online chemical vendors.

What are the additional requirements of Virgin Silver liquid Mercury?

GFS is a platform for Mercury Metal for the United States where you can meet manufacturers of Silver Liquid Mercury for worldwide delivery and buy products. Buy virgin silver liquid mercury in cheap price online.

    • Major virgin-grade mercury is commercial-grade mercury that is 99.9 percent pure.


    • Triple-distilled mercury, or ultrapure mercury, is typically produced by triple distillation.


    • Chemical tests can determine whether gold, silver, or base metals are present.


Since foreign metals are the most prevalent contaminants, spot checks of the condensed liquid mercury are performed as part of quality control inspections of the roasting and condensing process.

Where to purchase the virgin silver liquid mercury?

We are a dependable business that has been around for a long time and offers the best online prices for liquid silver mercury. The entire procedure and payment information are safe with Buy virgin silver liquid mercury online. We truly value your safety. You do a huge favour when you buy silver and mercury from us online because we are more reliable than other sellers. Our knowledgeable staffs are always available to assist you with excellent customer service. The bulk mercury we sell on our website is our mercury products. Because we believe we must provide only the best, which has enabled us to maintain our reputation over time in a competitive market.

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  1. Ramsey

    The best source so far! My 3rd order with CBS took 19days to be delivered, I was worried and got thinking I’ve been scammed by gfs. They assured me it will be delivered, I was a bad case, always insulting them and wanted to report their website online as a scam, then to my biggest dismay, my 1000 grams of mercury arrived. Sometimes we get frustrated and fail to understand that a vendor doesn’t control the movement of the package once it’s with the courier. Sorry guys for being a pain and thanks for being professional. Stuck here!!

  2. Charles

    Great website. good customer service

  3. Rina

    No one can beat the products and customer services of gfschemical group. This online store has the best quality silver mercury. I purchased silver mercury here and it is the best decision I have ever made.

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